Mrs Usher Quot Not Happy Stuck At Home With The Kiddies

Work, knows a good reason to run away! Usher is Vega recording his new album and, according to a new report, his wife / baby momma - that older chick who does not want - is not happy that she was not t invited to come out to Las Vegas with children. Usher is locked in ATL at home with their two children. Instead, the honorable. But in reality, it beause I can t stand you, right? Usher have to work hard to retrieve the crown from Ne-Yo and Chris Brown!. A Snitch says, He tried to have so much influence on his latest project, this time, people involved with the record he had said to stay away.

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50 Cent Is Second Highest Earning African American Entertainer

The numbers are now about 50 Cent came out on top, almost! Forbes Magazine has just published their list of top earning African American youth and 50 arrived at number two, second only to Miss Oprah Winfrey! How exciting! With her jewels, fancy cars, homes and incredible, you cannot be surprised! As the majority has done hip-hop superstar do in a year? Forbes reports from June 2007 to June 2008 has raked in $ 150 million! Secondly, if thats what it feels like, I wouldnt mind runner-up in progress! Oprah the other hand, took home $ 275 million as of June 2007 to June 2008. Sorry 50, shes only one person you cannot beat.

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New Quot Street Fighter The Legend Of Chun Li Quot Pic Looking Behind Vega Quot Mask

While most of the images previously released from Street Fighterhighlight on Kristin Kreuk owner character, just found a photo of a live-action film adaptation features Spanish warrior Vega. However, instead of wearing masks to hide their identity, Taboo holds the mask in front of him with his left hand. Her look is completed with a strong recovery of metal and a silver mask d. Posted in / Film, the new image gives way to the first time that a closer look at the man behind the mask of the fighter nicknamed Spanish Ninja In the photo, can be seen at Black Eyed Peas member Taboo wearing a black dress - for her portrait of the warrior.

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Valkyrie Hits Mexico Amp Tom Quot On Top Form

Tom Cruise was up to his usual fan pleasing tricks last night, as he dared in Mexico for another Valkyrie before. Recent reports have suggested Tom promotional schedule has been so long due to disappointing box office figures in the United States. Oh dear indeed! Click to see our thumb over Tom Cruise looking sharp in his suit on the red carpet!.

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Zac Efron Is 17 Again In New Poster And Movie Trailer

Youll find the photos on Yahoo Movies and heres the link for the trailer. Teen heartthrob Zac Efron is on the road to recovery soon after suffering a tabloid overexposure. 17 Again Efron stars (like the 17-year-old Matthew Perrys character), Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon, Michelle Trachtenberg and Matthew Perry. New Line Cinema recently released posters and stills from the next 17 Again, due to mid-April. Tell me what you think. I havent had time to see the trailer to try to reduce the right of all things Zac hours.

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